20th Anniversary AlNiCo V Stratocater, Upgraded Affinity Series

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Black & white 20th Anniversary, upgraded (AlNiCo V) Fender Affinity Stratocaster, made in Indonesia

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This Black & white Fender 20th Anniversary AlNiCo V Stratocater, Affinity Series, made in Indonesia, has been upgraded with professional grade Alnico V pickups like the kind used in Mexican Fender Strats and given a complete, professional setup.  Roller trees installed for tuning stability. The setup alone would probably cost $100 at most guitar shops.  The upgrade with roller guides and Alnico pickups would cost at least $100.

Thanks to the AlNiCo V pickups and the superb setup, this beast will save you a bundle and hold its own with many MIM Strats!

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