Fender Strat, AlNiCo V, Affinity Series Squier, hardtail, electric guitar

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Older MII Affinity series Squier by Fender, hardtail with AlNiCo V pickups (upgrade) – brand-new!

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Older MII Affinity series Squier by Fender hardtail with AlNiCo V pickups, roller trees & upgraded tuners! All pickups and electrical components in this instrument are brand-new (unwrapped & installed Aug 18).

I’ve just completed a setup, new strings, intonation, fret job, etc. Also installed roller trees. Tremolo is currently blocked turning this Strat into a hardtail. You can easily reactivate the tremolo by removing the wood block (remove back cover plate first), or I can do this for you, but if you don’t use the tremolo, your tuning will be more stable this way.

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