Fender Partscaster Strat

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Fender MIM body, pickups, tuners and controls (and sound!) with 3rd party neck.  Beautifully crowned frets. Professionally setup. Sounds awesome!

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Fender MIM (Made in Mexico) body, BHK (Fender) pickups, Fender tuners and controls with beautiful maple fretboard 3rd party neck.

Frets were in pretty good shape but I levelled and crowned them anyway.  New D’Addario #9 strings, tuned and intonated.

All clearances (relief, nut height, string height, etc.) set to Fender factory specifications.

My hobby is working on guitars.  I do setups for professional musicians.  This guitar sounds as good as any other MIM Fender Strat and I have three (for sale) that you’re welcome to compare to.

With the third party  neck (smooth as butter) and Fender decal, this guitar loses some of the value it would have if we had the original neck, but loses none of the quality.  Come see for yourself!

I accept trade-ins.

Why risk buying from a seller where the guitar could have fatal flaws (twisted neck, flattened, worn frets, coroding pickups, potentiometers, etc. – that the seller may not even be aware of?

I repair, and setup electric guitars as a hobby and I’ve gone completely through this guitar, so you can buy with confidence.

Come and play this guitar before buying. Compare it with some other similar guitars I also have for sale. I can also offer good deals on guitar amps.

Ordering is disabled because I only do cash and carry local sales unless arrangements are made. Dismiss